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Gel Manicure

At Got Nailed? Beauty Bar & Supply, we have seen first-hand the growing popularity of gel manicures among our customers. Their durable nature means that they are perfect option for someone who wants their nail style to be longlasting. What's more, the long-lasting nature of this manicure means that our skilled nail technician are able to create some amazing designs that will leave you standing out from the crowd. If you are looking to make a splash at a party or just want to make a lasting impression, then we recommend investing in our award-winning professional soak off gel manicure service. Don't delay, call today.

When it comes to Gel Nail Polish, Leave it to the Pros

As the popularity of gel manicures continues to rise, we are seeing more and more fantastic nail designs. However, if we have one word of caution it is this: leave it to the professionals. A soak off gel manicure is a procedure that requires the skill and proper tools that only a professionally certified salon like Got Nailed? Beauty Bar & Supply has. Incorporating a full clean up manicure before applying the soak off- gel nail polish is the crucial first step in achieving the perfect soak off gel manicure. In addition, the materials and soak off gel polish required for the polish stage need to be of the highest possible standard. At Got Nailed? Beauty Bar & Supply you can rest assured knowing that the materials and equipment that we use are of the highest possible standard.

How are UV/LED Gel Nails Applied?

At Got Nailed? Beauty Bar & Supply we receive a lot of questions from our customers regarding the process of applying UV/LED soak-off gel nails. Points to Consider With a soak-off Gel Manicures is that they do require a different removal process than your regular nail polish. We use an acetone base with lanolin to properly and safely remove the soak-off gel polish.when you choose to remove your soak-off gel manicure you have a few choices. You can maintain and reapply, add an IBX treatment or go back to your natural nail that is still left beautiful.

Fun Facts

When having a soak-off gel polish service, at Got Nailed? Beauty Bar and Supply , we use LED curing lamps. LED cures faster than the standard UV lamp, making the service time not so dragged out when trying to complete nail art especially. When your service is completed your nails are dry instantly! No worries of dinging them while digging out your keys ever again. With soak- off gel polish your manicure can hold for to to 21 days with a high gloss shine and chip resistant top coat. As we use mainly Entity One Color Couture soak-off gel, we love to educate our customers to knowing that shellac is just a brand and not a service. We have the largest selection of colors, pigments, glitters and Swarovski in town !


Standard application $40+


  • Soak-off builder gel $10+
  • IBX $10
  • French $10+
  • Art $7+
  • Soak-off gel polish to a service $12+