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Frequently Asked Nail Questions

What is the Difference between Hard Gel, Soak Off Gel,Poly Gel,Acrylic and Dip and Buff?

We choose to offer all aspects of nails as everyone is different in what they need to achieve beautiful healthy nails. Dip and Buff is an odor free acrylic system great for people with sensitivity with no LED needed. Acrylic is the strongest product to create long and durable nails, no LED needed.

Soak off gel is "polish" that is cured in LED and can be used on the natural nail or over any enhancement.

Ploy Gel is an odor free hybrid system great for overlay or extensions with a lighter weight feel.

Will getting "fake" nails destroy my natural nails?

The answer is NO ! Many people assume getting acrylic, gel, poly gel, dip and buff or soak off gel is harmful and destroys the natural nail. These rumors re false. The products on your nails, no matter what you have chosen to put on, are not what cause damage. Damage is caused by improper preparation of the natural nail, improper removal of the nail enhancements or picking, prying and peeling product off the nail. If we see you have excess damage to your natural we are trained in improving the health and longevity with our professional techniques and products.

Can Men Get Pedicures?

Pedicures are no longer just for women. Recently, the number of men getting pedicures has exploded. This growth has meant men are now openly embracing a good pedicure. Pedicures in men's eyes over the years have been focused on the "pretty polish" yet a true pedicure focuses on the health of the foot and leg. We recommend men and women get regular pedicures.

Will Nail Art Work on Short Nails?

Having short nails does not mean that they cannot be designed artistically. In fact the opposite is the case. Given the correct design and precise nail technique there is no reason why short nails can't have the same impact as long nails. So as well as being practical, short nails now also can be extremely beautiful and appealing.