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At Got Nailed? Beauty Bar & Supply we offer acrylic enhancements using Entity's Couture line of liquid and powder. This is a 30% lower Oder acrylic system. Our team sculpts out your nail verses using a plastic tip to create length. This will ensure your nail to be most durable and natural looking. We offer a selection of colored acrylic, pink and whites (also known as a classic French) and standard natural look that you can have color applied using either traditional polish or upgraded to gel polish.


Using Entity's Studio One Conturing gel with poly gel technology we can create beautiful nails as an overlay or extension. This is an odor feee system that will have you amazed on how light your enhancements feel! Poly gel is a newer medium on the market, it is a hybrid between acrylic and hard gel


We offer traditional hard gel enhancements. These are great for an over lay to your natural nails to give you more durability. Having your nails sculpted out with hard gel can give a great glass like look for art effects. There's something for everyone.


This is an odor free acrylic system that gives you the durability of an acrylic with out the smell. This system is beautiful for natural nail over lay for someone that has sensitivities to the "liquid" in traditional acrylics. We have a large selection of colors!

  • Standard application $40+
  • Full set $70+
  • Pink & White full set $80
  • Custom full set $90+
  • Repairs $10+
  • Removal $45+ This includes a manicure and IBX treatment
  • 2 week fill $39+
  • Fill $45+
  • 3 week fill $42
  • Backfill $58+