Luxurious Manicures for Woodland, WA’s Me Time

Manicures aren’t just a coat of polish on your nails, manicures are a moment. Making a manicure appointment is making time for yourself to relax. At Got Nailed? Beauty Bar & Supply we offer our Woodland, WA clientele the best nail services available, with a focus on your health, happiness and obviously, beautifully-done manicures. When you book an appointment with us for a manicure, we’ll make sure that you’re getting more than just gorgeous nails. Our salon is committed to going above and beyond what you normally associate with getting your nails done. We want you to feel like you’re being treated like royalty with a full spa experience. Relaxing massage treatments, luxurious moisturizers and gentle cuticle care are all included with our manicures.

The Go-To Manicure Experts for Woodland, WA

That being said, the experience of getting your nails done should last outside of the salon. Here at Got Nailed? Beauty Bar & Supply we are able to provide a number of expert nail treatments so that you can find the manicure style and type that fits your needs. Our nail technicians are all well-versed and trained in the many different options of manicures here and we are more than happy to help you find the perfect service. Whether you’re looking for the length of acrylics or the durability of a shellac, you can be sure that we’ll be able help. When you leave Got Nailed? Beauty Bar & Supply we promise that you’ll not only feel like you’re on cloud nine, but also that your manicure is sure to cause nail envy wherever you go.

Express Your Personal Style with a Manicure from Got Nailed? Beauty Bar & Supply

When it comes to manicures, the style options are endless. You can opt for an eye-catching bold hue, a more subtle, classy color, or unique, on-trend custom nail art. These kinds of decisions obviously depend on a number of very specific factors. Are you preparing for a special occasion? What kind of mood are you in? Are these night-in or night-out nails? Whatever choice you land on, we pride ourselves on being the go-to salon for Woodland, WA for any and all manicure needs. Our salon is fully stocked with an amazing selection of high-quality polishes, from standard to gel to shellac, and industry names you can trust, our nail techs have the know-how to make these polishes really pop.

Bring Your Squad, We’re Here for Anyone Who Wants a Beautiful Manicure

Whether you’re coming in to get a little me time with your manicure, or you’re bringing your best friend, boyfriend, mom or dad, we will take care of you. Our doors are open to anyone who wants to experience the magic that a good manicure can bring, and we’ll make sure you have a great time while we pamper your fingertips. If you have any questions or if you want to book an appointment with us, give us a call. We’re always happy to lend a helping hand when it comes to your hands!